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Vi er en bi-kontinental webshop som arbejder med glæde og stil og er klar til at levere unikke produkter. Vores team er baseret i Brasilien og Danmark, og vi elsker, hvad vi laver – produkter, der bidrager til din stil og livsglæde. God fornøjelse!



Freckles was created in 2010 by Styfens Machado as a Creative Center to produce nice, practical and quality products. Since then the company has been in constant change, always looking for the highest

quality and making clients happy. We are specialised

in making people #HappyWithFreckles.


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Our products are exclusive

and handmade or illustrated by us.


We are very happy doing our work and giving our clients the opportunity to have nice and well made products. We work with the PayPal system of payment, it means more security to you and your credit card. After you click on buy now we receive the information about your payment, so than we will start to produce your order. This is the best way to have everything very fresh, updated and exclusive. All the steps will be send to you by e-mail. Please check the list of countries we ship to before placing your order. Our store works with handmade and exclusive products with no stock.


Enjoy The Freckles Web Store!

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Our team

We are Styfens, Mariana and Carolina. A small creative group of friends making awesome things for you and your home. Our philosophy is to make simple, fun and quality designs with our own hands and minds. Everything is authentic, thoroughly thought to be unique and special. Our designs are based on entertaining situations and phrases that will make you smile as soon as you see any of our pieces. We hope you have fun with our work. As long as you keep enjoying it we will keep enjoying making it.

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In 2010, during his first trip to Denmark as a curious tourist he had an idea: to come up with a creative brand that would bring happiness and joy to people. And Freckles was born! Besides founder and CEO at Freckles, he has an undergraduate degree in Public Relations from University of São Paulo, and experience with communication and creativity. He has been working in the advertising area for over 6 years and is currently taking a master degree at the University of Copenhagen, the place where all started.

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If she could summarise her passion in two words: traveling and culture. So much that she decided to have an undergraduate degree in Hospitality Management to always be in touch with people from different nationalities through a hotel’s front desk. But at one of her jobs in a hotel in São Paulo she actually found out her calling, the marketing area. That is why she decided to leave everything behind and ally her passion with a new career. Carolina now calls Denmark home and takes a master degree in International Marketing. But she always has a backpack ready to hit the next road and start a new adventure.

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Brazilian, born in the coastal city of Santos- SP. Since when she was a child it was already kind of clear she would lean towards the art and design career. Her first words were “yellow” and “blue” instead of “mom” and “dad”. She has an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design and a graduate degree in Visual Arts from UNESP, and since 2005 has been working with graphic design projects, packaging, visual identity and obviously with what she likes the most: illustrations

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

At Freckles we take responsibility for our impact on society. We want to work with the best and local suppliers in order to build a sustainable production cycle. Here, nothing is made on large-scale.


We work with artists from around the globe, who submit their arts under no time pressure, just whenever suits them better. This way, they can work with free creativity and lots of happiness.



You are looking for joy and creativity in your home and life, so you order a Freckles’ product online.



We check where you are in the globe, so we can activate the closest office and make sure all the production process happens in the most sustainable and hand-made way possible.



We care, so our production happens locally. The printing process, the shipping process, all with local companies near you. Nothing outsourced, no mass production. Just a simple happy chain.



You win, because you receive a fresh and tailored-made Freckles product.



And we are all part of the chain, we ensure that producers win, the local economy wins, the clients win, the employees win, the whole chain wins and every part of it grows together.



Trust, esteem, transparency, and good feelings. This is our foundation, these are our beliefs. Be Freckles, be happy.

Freckles Creative, Copenhagen Denmark.

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